The company Ingeteam, part of the consortium,

shares with us some progress they have made

in their tasks on the project.

Ingeteam has conceptually designed the onboard electrical management and distribution solution, based on a DC distribution system that integrates the different stages of energy conversion that allow renewable sources to be integrated with the ship’s control and propulsion systems.


For optimal management, this design is materialized in a multidrive equipment (schemes 2 and 3) that allows sailing in 100% electric mode, taking advantage of the energy from the hydrogen generator or balancing loads with other renewable sources such as solar panels.


Given the complexity of the solution and the special relevance of the control systems, a “Hardware in the Loop” validation platform has been built, in which the Ingeteam controls are connected to a real-time model of the multidrive, functioning as if they were indeed on board (scheme 4, image 1), a step forward in digitalization with a Digital Twin.


Solution & designed equipment


Hardware in the Loop system